What Is Cart Abandonment?
Cart Abandonment campaigns send email reminders to customers who added an item to their cart but didn't complete their transaction.

Browse Abandonment campaigns are also an option and send an email reminder to a contact who viewed an item on eVenue but closed their session before adding to cart or purchasing.
How to Set Up a Cart or Browse Abandonment Campaign
Your marketing automation representative can help you get this running! Create the email in Eloqua, then reach out to your rep with the following information:

  • Cart or Browse abandon?
  • Email name in Eloqua
  • Is this for any item on eVenue, any item within a particular season, or a specific item?
  • Relevant Season and Item Codes for targeting
  • Exclusions (customer types, buyers of other sports, etc.)
  • How often should fans be eligible to receive the email (once every 7 days? 10 days? 14 days?)
What is a Web Nurturing Campaign?
As part of your Eloqua set up, there is a first-party tracking script on your entire website. Utilize this understanding of your contacts' behavior by sending targeted emails to fans who have visited particular pages with more information on a product that may be of interest to them.
How to Set Up a Web Nurturing Campaign
Create the email you'd like to use, then let your marketing automation contact know the following:

  • Email name in Eloqua
  • Web pages to target
  • After what frequency of visiting the selected web pages should contacts receive the email (2x in 7 days, 3x in 10 days, 3x in 14 days, etc,)
  • How often should contacts be eligible to receive the email (once every 14 days, once every 30 days, once ever, etc.)
  • Season and Item of the product to exclude those who already purchased
  • Any other exclusions
What is an Automated Thank You Campaign?
Automate an email to send to your contacts after they renew their season tickets, purchase a new ticket, or make a donation! These emails send the day after someone's transaction and are an easy way to thank them for their support while providing additional details on their tickets, other ways to engage with your brand, discounts on merchandise, or anything else you want your customers and donors to know. They also provide a great opportunity for upsells and add-ons.
How to Set Up an Automated Thank You Campaign
Once you've created your email in Eloqua, reach out to your marketing automation representative with the following information:

  • Email name in Eloqua
  • Season Code or Drive Year
  • Item Code(s) or Allocation ID(s)
  • For ticketing automations, is this for renewals or new sales?
  • For ticketing automations, is this for fans who put money down or once they pay in full?
  • Any Exclusions
What are Mobile Ticket Reminders?
Using the Added to Wallet field in Eloqua, a campaign will automatically send an email to customers who haven't downloaded their mobile ticket, reminding them to avoid the lines at entry by adding their ticket to their wallet prior to their arrival.

How to Set Up a Mobile Ticket Reminder Campaign
Create your email in Eloqua that can run all season long, so don't mention any event-specific details. Then, reach out to your marketing automation contact with the following information:

  • Email name in Eloqua
  • Season Code
  • Event Codes for all events in the season
  • Disposition for mobile tickets
  • Any Exclusions
  • If customers have downloaded some but not all of their tickets, should they receive the email?
  • Cadence of when to send reminders
How to Set Up Eloqua Surveys
Learn more about your contacts' experience at your event with a post-event survey! Basic surveys can be created using the Eloqua form builder, then sent out via email to fans who attended.

For college athletics and professional sport clients, it is recommended to wait until the morning after the game to send a survey. Additionally, while surveys can be automated, some clients choose to send them manually so the email content can take team performance and game outcome into consideration.

If you need help creating or sending a survey for your next event or next season, let your marketing automation contact know the depth of the survey you wish to use and if you want to send it on a one-off basis or automate to send after multiple events. Please also provide the criteria of who should receive the survey email (season code, event code, and any exclusions).
Additional Resources
For help with building surveys, check out this Advanced Form Training LCS or review more information about forms in the Eloqua Help Center!
What are Landing Pages?
Using Eloqua's native landing page builder, you can quickly create microsites for renewals, new season ticket sales, groups sales, event information, kids club details, gameday or event information, fundraising campaigns, or anything else you want your contacts to know!

Creating an Eloqua landing page allows you to put all your information in one spot so you can reduce the text in emails, gives you the option to update details in real time since changes are automatically live when you make edits, and gives you the flexibility of utilizing images and content already stored in Eloqua. Additionally, native tracking on landing pages means you can retarget customers based on who has or hasn't viewed your page.
How to Create a Landing Page
Landing pages are drag-and-drop, so if you can build an email, you can build a landing page! You can include images, gifs, videos, forms, image carousels, and more.
Additional Resources
Check out the Advanced Form Training LCS below where we discuss building a landing page in the second half of the training!
What are Invoices and Donation Statements?
Invoices provide a snapshots of items on someone's ticketing account without logging into eVenue. Similarly, donation statements are a way to display your donors' giving transactions from PACfund.
How to Create an Invoice or Donation Statement
Please reach out to your marketing automation contact for the initial checklist to get started on an invoice or giving statement. Note that typical turnaround time is about 2-3 weeks; additional customization can take longer.
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Automated day-before and day-of reminders can be set up for your Ballena process, in addition to an initial time slot announcement. Please have these created prior to your data being finalized so there is enough time for campaign set up and testing before the start of seat/parking selection.
Birthday campaigns are a great way to stay connected to your contacts and provide them a special offer or just a birthday greeting on their special day. If you want to utilize this use case, create your birthday email and reach out to you marketing automation contact, and they can take it from there!
From sending donor confirmation emails, to thanking contacts for their support, to soliciting new gifts, there are many ways you can utilize Eloqua to enhance your fundraising strategy.
Utilize Eloqua to maximize your Giving Day reach! Dynamic filters can be created to send targeted messages based on whether a contact has opened or clicked on a previous Giving Day message or visited a specific Giving Day page on your website. If you collect Giving Day donations through PACfund, you can segment based on giving history to thank those who have already made a contribution and encourage those who haven't to get on board!
Make sure your fans and customers have all the information they need before your events! They can be sent on a one-off basis, or talk to your marketing automation rep for automation options.
A lead score is an objective ranking of one sales lead against another. Using a combined Profile score and Engagement score, lead scoring helps marketing and sales identify where a prospect is in the buying process, and can help determine the right follow-up action.
Keep your contacts in the loop on everything they need to know about your teams or venue. Using Eloqua's drag and drop email builder, you can easily create an eye-catching, informative newsletter design, and you can save your layout as a template so each week all you need to do is update the content and hit send!
If your fans or patrons didn't use their tickets, send them a reminder of their options if they can't make it to a future event. This can be automated to send after each game or event during the season, or sent manually after an event.
Let Eloqua make your job easier by automating your operational communication around payment plans. Campaigns can be set up for upcoming payment reminders, declined payment notifications, card expiry reminders, and more!
Whether it's a holiday, you've reached a milestone and want your contacts to celebrate, or you simply want to move tickets quickly, a clever and strategic promo offer or flash sale can be the right approach!
Renewal season is the best time of year! When it's time to renew, communication is key. Make sure all your renewal accounts know when to renew, why they should renew, and the renewal deadline.
*Many of these campaigns are considered use-cases. This is not an exhaustive list of campaign options. Please reach out to your marketing automation representative for more information on any of the above campaigns or other campaign ideas.
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